Berlin Environmental Atlas

06.11 Green Roofs (Edition 2017)

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Map 06.11

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. A roof is mapped as a green roof if it is greened on at least 10 m², independent of the roof area. This definition does not distinguish between extensive green roofs or roof gardens. In addition to buildings above ground, underground car parks without overlying buildings were also evaluated.
  2. The percentage of greened roof area (intensive and extensive) per floor area of the buildings and underground car parks is specified at the block and block segment level of the Urban and Environmental Information System (Informationssystem Stadt und Umwelt, ISU). Moreover, the sum of all greened roof areas of a block or block segment is shown in square meters.

Imprint of the Map

1 : 1,000

Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing

III D 1 - Environmental Atlas


  • Digital orthophotos, as of April 2016
  • Official property cadastre information system (Amtliches Liegenschaftskatasterinformationssystem, ALKIS), as of April 2016
  • Building and vegetation heights, as of August 2009/September 2010 (cf. Environmental Atlas 06.10)
  • Area types of the Urban and Environmental Information System, as of December 31, 2015
  • Geoportal Berlin / Building storeys, as of April 2016

Data processing and map production:
Digitale Dienste Berlin, Büro für Angewandte Fernerkundung,
Luftbild Umwelt Planung GmbH

End of work:
December 2016

Based on the map:
Block map 1 : 5,000 (ISU5, territorial reference Environmental Atlas 2015)

Coordinate system:
ETRS89 / UTM Zone 33N, EPSG:25833

Edition 2017

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