Barrier-Free Construction

Coordinating Office

The "Barrier-Free Construction" coordinating office is a key partner for public and private property developers, institutions, architects, and engineers who have questions or want more information on barrier-free planning and construction in Berlin.

Our goal is to achieve barrier-free use of public and publicly funded buildings and grounds in Berlin. This includes suggesting and evaluating measures and offering advice on planning for as long as possible, preferably until completion of the project. The same applies to privately funded projects accessible to the public.

The coordinating office organizes and chairs the meetings of the "Barrier-Free Construction and Transportation" working group, where people with disabilities, representatives of Berlin's associations for the disabled, the Berlin state commissioner for people with disabilities, and Berlin's borough commissioners for people with disabilities engage in a dialogue and work with representatives of the city administration to achieve a barrier-free Berlin.

As building project planners, architects and engineers are confronted more and more frequently with the challenge of barrier-free construction. The coordinating office organizes continuing education seminars and informational events on the premises of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing or in cooperation with other institutions like the "Barrier-free city and building planning" committee of the Berlin Chamber of Architects, the Technical University, or Unfallkasse Berlin, Berlin's state accident insurance company.

A manual on "Barrier-Free Planning and Construction in Berlin" was put together in 2007 as a planning guide. A barrier-free text version is available online.


Pictogram on the ground

Tactile ground surface indicators
Tactile ground surface indicators

Door opener
Door opener

Contrast with floor and wall surfaces
Contrasting floor coverings