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EU and international affairs
    EU/International affairs  


EU and international affairs

Flags in the European parliament; Copy: Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, Daniela Heldt

EU policy

European regulations and directives also affect aspects of urban development, construction and housing. European strategies, guidelines and programmes influence the work of the House. more

Berlin office; Copy: Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Kalina Peneva-Gädeke

European competency

The employees of the Berlin administration require a high level of European competency in order to help shape, successfully and legally, Berlin’s interests on a European level in all policy areas of the State government. The Senate Department therefore strengthens the European competency of its employees in a targeted way. more

Flags in front of the Federal Chancellery; Copy: European Union

Focal topics

Several focal topics of the Senate Department can be dealt with particularly well in exchange with European and International partners in corresponding areas. All participants benefit from the results of their joint work. more

Flags in front of the Berlaymont building; Copy: European Union


The development of the city is promoted through innovative projects. The Senate Department finds answers to central issues as well as political and spatial planning strategies in joint projects, in order to make the city a more attractive place to live. more


Exchange and implementation are important ways of working for a common European policy. Berlin is actively involved in European and worldwide networks, in order to enable the implementation of urban concerns. more

Delegation group on a visit to Berlin; Photo: Götz Müller

Real estate fairs / delegations

The Senate Department regularly presents prominent projects at international real estate fairs and exhibitions. It maintains active exchange with delegations from authorities abroad. This is an opportunity for the Senate Department to inform about its urban development policy. more


Dr Marion Mienert
Head of Unit
Tel.: +49 30 90139 4160

Daniela Heldt
International affairs, Events
Tel.: +49 30 90139 4162

Götz Müller
EU affairs, Competitions
Tel.: +49 30 90139 4163


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