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Urban Planning

Land Use Planning Berlin

The Land Use Plan (FNP) is a general development plan containing planning objectives and proposals for the whole area of the city of Berlin. The plan was enacted by the Senate and the City Council (Abgeordnetenhaus) and is kept up to date by regular amendments.

Planning for the city of Berlin is integrated into the wider planning framework for the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region. The Land Use Plan for the city also serves as a Regional Plan, forming the basis for more detailed planning concepts for strategic development areas and other sub-sections of the city.

General information on the Land Use Plan, on the modification procedure, on types of modifications, on the layout of modification sheets and on the Environmental Impact Report.

About twice every year, current modifications to the Land Use Plan are put forward for public consultation. During a period of one month the modifications can be examined and representations be made.

Approved modifications to the Land Use Plan are publicised individually on “modification sheets” and from time to time included in revised printed editions of the plan as a whole. The modification sheets and revised planning documents of 1998, 2004, 2009 and 2015 are available here:

With every revised publication of the Land Use Plan (up-dated reprint of the zoning map), a progress report on Land Use Planning is also publicised. The report gives a general outline of major planning issues in the city, of recent changes in circumstances affecting planning concepts, and of the current state of land use planning as the only city-wide planning instrument which is subject to political control and approval.

Our compilation of historical maps and plans depicts the planning history of the city of Berlin from the “Hobrecht Plan” of 1862 up to the first joint planning documents after re-unification in 1990. They illustrate the discontinuities as well as the continuities in the development of the urban fabric and of planning concepts over this period.


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Translation of the background information on the Berlin Land Use Plan to the scale of 1:50,000

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