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Archive: The Capital City of Berlin - Documentation

A participatory development measure

A procedure as complex as the development measure regarding the preparation and realisation of the relocation of the capital needs the support of many experts and active participants. The number of participants steadily increased in the course of the years, so it is not possible to name all of them personally, least of all completely. A lot of persons collaborated individually, in offices or institutions which temporarily supported the work, people who support other projects by now or recessed from work, so this is the place to name - representatively - the institutions and professions which participated in the development plan.

As regards the level of the Federation, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, the former relocation staff and the competent members of the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning and the Federal Office for Real Property Administration have to be highlighted. On the part of the State of Berlin, one has to name the Senate Department for Urban Development with its different sections and particularly the Civil Engineering, the Transport Planning, the Public Space Planning, the Valuation Office and the Structural Engineering. But also the Senate Chancellery which coordinated the Berlin-related activities within the former State Capital Office and which is still represented within the Subcommittee development measure today, as well as the Senate Department for Finances have been relevant protagonists for years.

In the beginning, the planning people dominated the scene, i.e. the offices of urban planners, architects as well as landscape designers were engaged in the spatial development. Experts conducted market value analyses and surveys. As regards the preparation of the building ground, specialised companies planned and realised the demolition and clearing-up. During further stages, specialised offices for steering-activities have been deployed, road construction- and bridge work-engineers have planned and realised the bridge work- and civil engineering-measures, whereupon the respective companies have been charged with the civil works. Experts have been charged with furnishing technical opinions concerning most different topics previously and meanwhile.

Apart from the public builders, the private investors were vitally important for the development due to their financial input. Here, the scope ranges from the smallest house builder with a single apartment to the major private owners as well as to the Deutsche Bahn AG and the Vivico.

In the course of the numerous discussion procedures, the citizens also actively articulated their interests respectively participated in the planning processes by means of the social-planning-offices.

The success of the development measure is due to the active and constructive cooperation of all individuals who participated in the process and represents the result of an interaction between very different knowledge, opinions and interests. Sincere thanks are given to all protagonists for their extraordinary commitment and their readiness to go - from time to time - to the limit.

The Capital City Agreement, 2007

A staff unit had been established within the then Senate Department for Building and Habitation in 1992 which has been later called the Capital City Agreement. The Department is since then concerned with the task management regarding the development area "Parliamentary and Government Quarter".

The Capital City Agreement, 2007
in front: Annalie Schoen, Helge Weiser
in the back: Elke Kleinwächter-Jarnot, Wolfgang Rybski, Dietmar Bartholome, Ludger Kämereit, Stefan Parschau, Ellen Mickley, Sabine Gürtler

DSK Deutsche Stadt- und Grundstücks-
entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, 2007

The DSK Deutsche Stadt- und Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH has been charged with the urban "Development Measure for the Capital City of Berlin - Parliamentary and Government Quarter" as fiduciary development agency by the State of Berlin in 1993.

DSK Deutsche Stadt- und Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, 2007
in front: Angela Krause, Ursula Thieler, Margit Greiser, Sibylle Schütze, Simone Schmidt, Manfred Richter, Gabriele Meuser
in the back: Lutz Steinmann, Norbert Gottschalk, Arno Pluschke, Uwe Preißler, Kerstin Klette, Dr. Thomas Münzer
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