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Capital City Berlin - Parliament and Government District

Twenty Years of Development Programme - selected projects -

  • title animation Capital City of Berlin
  • title animation Capital City of Berlin

With the reunification of Germany and the parliamentary resolution to make Berlin the capital of Germany again, the city faced two great challenges at once: After almost 30 years of division and separate infrastructures, urban services had to be rejoined and re-ordered, and all the parliamentary and government functions had to be up and running smoothly in the centre of Berlin in the shortest possible time. Each of those tasks on its own was daunting.

That enormous feat was achieved by pooling the powers of all the federal and state agencies involved. The framework for the organisation and substance of the redevelopment was established on June 17, 1993, with the “Development Programme for the Capital City Berlin – Parliament and Government District,” which set the political, urban planning and legal context for its transition to the capital city.
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