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Urban Planning


Urban Planning

Land Use Planning for Berlin

Basic information on the Berlin Land Use Plan, which is the legally binding planning concept for the whole area of the city. more

BerlinStrategy 2030

The BerlinStrategy 2030 is the Berlin Senates planning framework for the integrated development of the entire town. It sets out policies for how Berlin will develop and how to bring together the actions of the municipal authorities. more

Urban Development Plans (UDP)

Berlin’s Urban Development Plans (UDP) are spatial development frameworks, each dedicated to a single spatial subject (housing, economy, town centres, mobility and transport, climate adaption and mitigation). Each UDP covers the entire administrative area of Berlin and, with regard to its specific spatial subject, refers to future land use and the built environment. more


Grafik Title - COBE Berlin for Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing
Title: COBE Berlin; grafic concept/design: super cetera, Berlin

Short version of the High-rise model
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