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Berlin Tomorrow: The Berlin Strategy | Urban Development Concept Berlin 2030

Grafik: © Fabian Nicolay

The Berlin Strategy forms the second part of the Urban Development Concept Berlin 2030. This Strategy for Berlin focuses on the city’s future. Building on Berlin’s strengths, it sets out future challenges, outlines development prospects and sets priorities for implementing them. Six characteristic qualities – Berlin’s unique selling points – play a significant part in creating the quality of life and competitive environment the city currently offers. They also set the direction for an attractive future in which Berlin will be a liveable city. Eight strategies set out what the city is trying to achieve. They cover the fundamental issues and future challenges and include the goals and fields of action that will determine Berlin’s medium- to long-term development prospects. Ten transformation areas set geographical priorities that provide a tangible framework for these strategies on the ground. Finally, the Berlin Strategy describes a Vision of the future of Berlin that illustrates the city in the year 2030 and its achievements since 2014.

The Vision

Economic strength, quality of life and social conscience – these will be the watchwords of Berlin in 2030. Berlin 2030 will be an established leader in the economy, science, employment, training and qualifications. It will be a centre of creativity and enthusiasm for art, culture, tourism and sport, a diverse urban metropolis, easy to live in and with plenty of green spaces. It will be successful and sustainable in terms of climate and energy, city-friendly and future-proof in terms of mobility, its inhabitants caring and committed to living together in a modern and socially responsible society. Berlin 2030 will set national and international benchmarks. The legendary ‘Berlin mix’ will provide the foundations for a strong city, which has learned to shape growth fairly, responsibly and together.


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