Urban Development plans


Urban development plans (UDP) are instruments for the informal city structural planning. Urban development plans are designed for the whole city of Berlin and include directives and objectives for different functions such as work, living, social infrastructure, transport, supply and waste disposal. They are the "Basis for all future planning" and solidify the land use plan by defining spatial and temporal priorities and pointing out the necessary measures to be taken.

Berlin's urban development planning is a process in steady continuation and renewal through feedback. In the context of sustainable development, urban development planning will become increasingly important. The task assigned to the urban development planning process is to identify social an spatial problems at an early stage and to develop corresponding coping strategies to deal with these problems. Current examples are the neighbourhood management in socially disadvantaged areas, as well as the demonstration of trends in the leisure industry and their planning-based-conceptual control.

The controlling and planning support of such processes is a comprehensive cross-sectional task that besides its economic and ecological importance must preventively deal with questions of the social development in increasing measure.

The internet presentation is supposed to open the possibility of information to the public at large and to stimulate the discussion of the results. In future the range of urban development planning-based questions will be expanded step by step.