Berlin Building Atlas

The Berlin Building Atlas is an online reference work which documents the development of architecture in central Berlin since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It was developed in parallel with the 1:500 Scale Berlin Model and contains information about all new construction projects built since 1990. The projects, currently about 900 in number, are listed here with extensive project data, plans and photos.

Select a project and spotlight it!

In the Exhibition in the Atrium, the Atlas can be invoked on an information kiosk. The physical Berlin Model is within view of the kiosk, making it possible to call up information about a building while viewing the model. In order to locate the building in the model, a light system is installed which shines a light on the selected project.

Current projects wanted!

The Berlin Model is updated regularly. Since, unfortunately, we do not receive short-term notice of every new construction project, we rely on your support. If you know of a construction project within the model borders which is not depicted in the Berlin Model or in the Berlin Building Atlas, we would be happy to hear from you. The area covered by the model is marked in the map (see the "Bereich des Berlin-Modells" layer).

If you are an Architect, Owner/Builder or Investor, we especially rely on your support in order to realise your project as a model and complete the information stored in the Berlin Building Atlas.  more


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