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City Models of Berlin

1:500 scale "Historic Centre" Berlin Model

City Model in scale 1:500
City Model in scale 1:500

With an area of 70 square metres, this model standing in the Atrium highlights the extensive construction that has taken place in the inner city of Berlin since 1990. Besides showing the urbanistic developments, the scale of 1:500 also offers insights into the architectural design of the new buildings and the effect they have on their built surroundings.

Building stock before 1990 (white) Building stock before 1990

Planned buildings - Planwerk Innere Stadt (simple wooden models) Planned buildings (Planwerk Innere Stadt)

New buildings since 1990 (detailed wooden objects) New buildings since 1990

Significance yesterday and today

Following German Reunification, the historic centre of Berlin became the focal point of planning and building activity in Berlin. In this context, a working model – the Berlin Model - was built as a basis for discussing planned construction projects. It had soon become an important planning instrument for upcoming construction projects and served as an urban context site model for many a competition of urban planning and architecture.

Today the model serves mainly as a means of communication to make the processes of urban development accessible and comprehensible to the general public.

In 2014, the model was enhanced with an interactive kiosk, and in 2015, a light system was added. When an individual building is selected from the Berlin Building Atlas on the kiosk, information, maps and photos about that building are displayed while at the same time a beam of light points to the building in the Berlin Model.

Current projects wanted!

The Berlin Model is updated regularly. Since, unfortunately, we do not receive short-term notice of every new construction project, we rely on your support. If you know of a construction project within the model borders which is not depicted in the Berlin Model or in the Berlin Building Atlas, we would be happy to hear from you.  Map of Berlin Model limits (German only)

If you are an Architect, Owner/Builder or Investor, we especially rely on your support in order to realise your project as a model and complete the information stored in the Berlin Building Atlas.

Architecture students at the Bauhaus University Weimar visited the exhibition on their excursion in April 2013.


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