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Baukultur (building culture)

City Models of Berlin

Exhibition of the Berlin city models in the AKP-atrium

Please note:
The exhibition is closed until further notice.

The Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing has several physical city models showing central Berlin in different time periods and in different scales. It also has digital two-dimensional plans and three-dimensional models of the city centre, in which urban planning projects for the future are depicted beside the current building stock.
more about the City Models exhibition

Beside the physical city models, the digital 2D and 3D data of central Berlin serves to illustrate urban planning. This digital inner city data can be used as a basis to rapidly compare and discuss diverse urban planning variants. A current version of this fundamental CAD plan and model can be downloaded free of charge.
more about the Digital Inner City (German only)

Supplementing the information offered by our models and plans, the Berlin Building Atlas provides a detailed view of approximately 800 construction projects which have been built in central Berlin since the Fall of the Berlin Wall.
more about the Berlin Building Atlas (German only)

Virtual tour of the exhibition

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition "City Models of Berlin" with eight 360° panoramic photos. more

Digital Inner City

Download the current version of the CAD plan and 3D model free of charge.

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