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Gender Mainstreaming: Conference "Future City – Diverse City"

Conference Documentation

A detailed publication with the results of the lectures and conference is planned for autumn 2014. At this point, you will find presentations of invited experts, situated in realtion to the technical tasks and cross cutting issues in the Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment’s work.

Additionally, we will make available to you:
  • Brief biographical information for the steering group organizing the conference, the invited experts, the respondents and those responsible for specialized facilitation, and
  • the working aides for the focus groups, corresponding to the thematic areas.
We regret not being able to make all presentations available in English at this point.

1 Equal opportunities and Gender Mainstreaming
  • The Berlin Strategy for Equal Opportunities.
    Dr. Gabriele Kämper, Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women
  • The Women’s Advisory Council: Development, goals and tasks.
    Prof. Dr. Sandra Huning, Women's Advisory Council
  • The Ruhr Region Model for Equal Opportunities in public planning processes?
    Martin Tönnes, Head of the Ruhr Region Planning Department

2 Integrated urban development / urban planning / land use
  • Gender aspects in planning Vienna’s Seestadt Aspern.
    Dipl. Ing. Eva Kail, City Magistrat of the City of Vienna
  • Promoting diversity: A challenge for new social housing in Paris and its suburbs.
    Prof. Dr. Christine Lelevrier, Paris University, Institut d’Urbanisme
  • Insights into a gender process for the development of the Beuth University’s new campus at Tegel Airport.
    Prof. Dr. Monika Gross, President of the Beuth Technical University

3 Housing
  • Advocating diversity in housing cooperatives – quality assurance through Gender Mainstreaming.
    Dr. Jochen Hucke, Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
  • Co-Housing: Living self-organized, community-oriented and sustainably.
    Dr. Michael LaFond, id22 Institute for creative sustainability
  • CoHousing: a potential for emancipation.
    Geert De Pauw, L’Espoir, Brussels
  • The Magdolna Project in Budapest.
    Eszter Somogyi, Metropolitan Research Institute Budapest

4 Public urban space planning
  • Designing public space for equitable use.
    Almut Jirku, Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
  • A living room for everybody: Lette Square in Reinickendorf.
    Rüdiger Zech, Planning Department District Berlin-Reinickendorf
  • Designing urban public spaces for cultural diversity.
    Prof. Dr. Maria Spitthöver, emer. Kassel University

5 Participation / Communication
  • Diversity in participation and planning processes.
    Dipl. Ing. Cagla Ilk, büro milk, Berlin/Istanbul
  • Looking at e-planning through the gender lens.
    Prof. Dr. Liisa Horelli, TU Helsinki

6 Mobility / local public transport
  • Target group oriented local traffic planning
    Katja Bagge and Diana Runge, cnb
  • Mobility for everybody! How to build awareness for different mobility needs.
    Dr. Solveigh Janssen, Hannover Region

7 Infrastructure / urban time policies
  • Marzahn-Hellersdorf Women’s Sports Hall
    Snežana Sever, Women’s and equal rights representative, District Berlin-Marzahn-Hellersdorf
  • Urban time policies between needs and complexity.
    Prof. Dr. Francesca Zajczyk, University Milano Bicocca, Women’s representative City of Milan

8 Urban security
  • Safety in the city
    Ingrid Hermannsdörfer, Berlin Police, Department for Urban Crime Prevention

9 Knowledge Transfer / academic education
  • International knowledge transfer: the COST network genderSTE.
    Ines Sanchez de la Madariaga, Ministry of Economy and Competitivity, Madrid
  • A different way to practice: teaching urban renewal in an international setting.
    Dipl. Ing. Lidewij Tummers, TU Delft
  • Gender Studies and spatial disciplines Dr. Dörte Kuhlmann, TU Vienna
  • Gender Studies in planning and engineering sciences – experiences of an academic lecturer. Bente Knoll, Büro für nachhaltige Kompetenz, Vienna
  • Urban Contact and Conflict Zones: Report of our experience.
    Dr. Bastian Lange, Georg-Simmel Centre, Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Urban Design Seminar "New life in Wedding": does the gender diversity perspective lead to an added value?
    Dorothee Dubrau, Beuth Technical University / Councillor for Urban Planning, Leipzig