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Map Presentation

Help in using the FIS Broker   After clicking on the symbol map view and afterwards on the overview-map you will reach the interactive map presentation of the Geoportal Berlin / FIS-Broker. The FIS-Broker enables many functions of a geographic information system. Therefore a spatial selection via direct address search, coordinates or numerous other area units as e.g. zip codes is possible. Factual data for several previously selected areas or points can be presented. It is possible to display multiple map themes over each other. Furthermore, the map information offers a brief description, links to other publications etc.
map view   View maps, that were published before 2005, are not presented via FIS-Broker but via Geo-Picker. From a regional view of Berlin you are able to survey individual sections in greater detail, along with the corresponding "Theme Map". For enlarging or minimizing the sections you can zoom in or out (in %). With the arrows on the frame of the map you can navigate in all directions in preselected steps.

General Functions for Navigating

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