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Berlin Environmental Atlas

03.11.3 Clean Air Plan, 2011-2017 – Scenario Calculations for the Assessment of the Effectiveness of Selected Measures for Air Quality along Streets (Edition 2012)

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This theme contains 10 specifications - included in 2 maps.
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Map Clean Air Plan, 2011-2017: Scenarios NO2 motor vehicle traffic 2015 Clean Air Plan, 2011-2017: Scenarios NO2 motor vehicle traffic 2015
  Map Clean Air Plan, 2011-2017: Scenarios PM10 motor vehicle traffic 2015 2015 (Edition 2012) Clean Air Plan, 2011-2017: Scenarios PM10 motor vehicle traffic 2015

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. Pursuant to §47 BImSchG and §27 of the 39th BimSchV, a Clean Air Plan (CAP) is to be established, under certain conditions. These conditions exist in Berlin. The present plan is an update of the 2005-2010 Clean Air Plan.
  2. Five packages of measures were established to model the emissions and immissions-related effects of measures for 2015. Measures for which an emissions-reducing effect can be expected city-wide, or at least for a large share of the road sections where exceedances of the limits occur, were selected.
  3. The individual layers of the map show the scenarios for the air pollutant NO2, the map those for PM10.
  4. To ascertain the maximum potential reduction, measures were established regardless of their concrete implementability.
  5. Beside other information on substance-related emissions the factual data display offers information on section based specifications such as street, borough, key etc.
  6. The following table provides an overview of the measures considered:
    Scope of the five-measure package for scenario calculations in the motor vehicle traffic area
    Abbreviation Package of measures Measures included
    MB1 Improved vehicle technology
    • Environmental zone without individual exceptions
    • Higher share of EURO-6 vehicles
    • Support for electro-vehicles
    • Retrofitting with particulate filters (EURO-4 cars/trucks) and NOx scrubbers (EURO-4 trucks)
    MB2 Optimization of traffic flow Reduction of traffic backups by:
    • Traffic-light coordination
    • Inflow dosage
    • 30 km/h speed limit
    MB3 30 km/h speed limit at hotspots
    • Introduction of 30 km/h zones
    MB4 Emissions reduction in the urban background
    • Ban on solid-fuel heating for housing
    • Particulate filters for construction machines
    • Retrofitting with particulate filters in passenger ships
    MB5 Achieving the 2020 fleet early
    • Early compliance with regulations not mandatory until 2020

Imprint of the Map

1 : 50 000

Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in Berlin
Special Section Communication

Referat III F (Urban and Environmental Information System - ISU -) in cooperation with IX D (Immission and climate protection)

III F 1 in cooperation with IX D


  • Modellierung emissions- und immissionsseitiger Wirkungen für das Jahr 2015, im Rahmen der Arbeiten zum Luftreinhalteplan 2011-2017, IX D SenStadtUm

Data processing and map production:
IX D in cooperation with III F 1

Colour scheme:

Based on the map:
Block map 1:5,000 (ISU 5), as of 31.12.2010

Extended Edition 2012

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