Berlin Environmental Atlas

02.12 Groundwater Levels of the Main Aquifer and Panke Valley Aquifer (Edition 2016)

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Map 02.12 Groundwater Levels (Edition 2016)

Explanations and Imprint of the Map

The representation shows the geological situation down to a maximum depth of 5 m.
If there are several layers, only the dominant layer is shown for the sake simplicity.
The presentation of information on this map does not constitute an excuse from the duty of carry out project-related investigations.
On the plateaus there can be temporary suspended groundwater ("stack water").

Imprint of the Map

1 : 50 000

Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment

Section VIII E 3, Geological Survey

Scientifical processing:
Annette Kolberg and Alexander Limberg

Cartographic processing:
Wolfhard Schröter

1,765 groundwater measured data and 76 surface water measured data from measurement net works of state groundwater survey Berlin, water supply Berlin, water works Brandenburg and state invironmental administration Brandenburg, May 2016

Data from:
May 2016

Geological cartographic base:
Geological Outline of Berlin 1 : 50,000, 2007, of the Senate Departement for Health, Environment and Consumer Affairs,
on the basis of the Geological Overview Map of Berlin and the Surrounding Area, 1 : 100,000, by: The Brandenburg State Agency for Raw Materials and Earth Sciences, in cooperation with the Berlin Senate Departement for Environmental Protection, Sect. IV, Kleinmachnow and Berlin 1995

Topographical map base:
Overview map of Berlin 1 : 50,000, Senate Departement for Urban Development and the Environment, 2013 (ETRS89 / UTM Zone 33N, EPSG: 25833)

Revised Edition 2016

Map as PDF-Document including switchable layers
To see the english legend, please switch the layers!

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