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Berlin Environmental Atlas

03.11.3 Clean Air Plan, 2011-2017 – Scenario Calculations for the Assessment of the Effectiveness of Selected Measures for Air Quality along Streets (Edition 2012)

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PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG, TCI Röhling Transport Consultation International 2009:
Overall traffic prognosis for 2025 for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg – final report. Prepared for the Berlin Senate Department of Urban Development and the Brandenburg Ministry for Infrastructure and Urban Development, Berlin.
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SenStadt (Berlin Senate Department of Urban Development) (Ed.) 2008:
Clean Air and Action Plan, 2005-2010, Berlin.

SenStadt (Berlin Senate Department of Urban Development) (Ed.) 2011:
Berlin Transport Development Plan.

SenStadtUm (Berlin Senate Department of Urban Development and the Environment) (Ed.) 2012:
Clean Air Plan, 2011-2017, Berlin.
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Laws and Ordinances

EC Directive on public participation (2003/35/EC)
Directive 2003/35/EC of May 26, 2003 on public participation in respect of the drawing up of certain plans and programmes relating to the environment and amending with regard to public participation and access to justice Council Directives 85/337/EEC and 96/61/EC.
(Access on 13.02.2018)

Law for the protection from harmful environmental impacts by air pollution, noise, shocks and similar events (Federal Immission Protection Law / BImSchG)
as promulgated on September 26, 2002 (BGBl. I p. 3830), amended by Article 2 of the law of February 24, 2012 (BGBl. I p. 212).
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(Access on 23.03.2012)

39th Ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Protection Law of August 2, 2010 BGBl. I p. 1065.
(Access on 23.03.2012)


SenStadt (Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development) (Ed.) 2008:
Environmental Atlas of Berlin, updated and expanded edition, 2008, Map 07.05 Strategic Noise Maps, 1:50,000, Berlin.

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