Altbauten; Foto: SenStadtWohn

Foto: SenStadtWohn


Living Spacemore

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  • Priorities for housing construction

    Priorities for housing construction

    Tenants and landlords receive with the Mietspiegel an up-to-date orientation framework over the height of the local rental prices for comparable not price-bound living space in Berlin. more

    Map: SenStadtWohn

    Construction site; Photo: © Ilan Amith - Fotolia.com

    Housing Coordination Office

    The Coordination Office accompanies the developments and continuing strategy for housing in Berlin. more

    Photo: © Ilan Amith - Fotolia.com

  • Housing Construction; Photo: Eike Becker_Architekten

    Housing Construction

    To support the housing strategy ode Berlin, the Housing Coordination Office as a competent point of contact was created and an "Alliance for Social Housing Policy and Affordable Rent" was agreed. more

    Source: Eike Becker_Architekten

    Strausberger Platz

    Alliance for Social Housing Policy

    In order to combat the increasingly narrow market for affordable living space, the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment and the Senate Department of Finance have agreed to form the "Alliance for Social Housing Policy and Affordable more

    Photo: © drsg98 - Fotolia.com