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Urban Green Space

Public Parks
(Green and Recreation Spaces)

On these pages you will find information about selected parks and city squares, of the stock of public green spaces in Berlin and on the use of these facilities. You will also find contacts in the borough departments of green spaces. more

Children's Playgrounds

Here you will find information on the supply of public and private playgrounds in Berlin, with introductions to selected public children's playgrounds in the Berlin boroughs, and the relevant contacts in the borough departments of green spaces. more

City Trees

City Trees

The more than 430,000 street trees are also a characteristic feature of Berlin's green cityscape. You will find information on the stock of street trees, on selected tree-lined avenues and on the relevant contacts in the departments of green spaces of the Berlin boroughs. more

Allotment Gardens

The more than 930 allotment gardens are an important part of the system of green spaces in Berlin. You will find more information on the stock of allotment gardens and on the legal stipulations regarding them here. more

Cemeteries and Other Burial Sites

The cemeteries are an important part of Berlin's urban green space and also of its cultural history. Information on the graves of the victims of war and tyranny, including the three Soviet memorials, complete this topic. more

The History of Berlin's Urban Green Space

The development of urban green spaces is closely connected with Berlin's history. Here, this development is described in six chapters, beginning with the planning of gardens and tree-lined avenues in the center of the city by the prince-electors and the Prussian kings, and continuing to this day. more

Green-Space Information System (GRIS)

The Green-Space Information System (GRIS) is a DP procedure of the borough departments of green spaces and the Senate Department for Urban Development. The GRIS comprises theese five modules: the GAIA Data Base, the YADE-GBKat Geo-Information System, the SenStadt Analysis Data Base and the Internet-Information. more


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