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Housing stock

Wohnraumversorgung Berlin (WVB)

With the coming into force of the Housing Supply Act in January 2016, new legal regulations form the basis of the State-owned housing associations’ rent policy. Above all, the new law is intended to help Berlin’s lower-income households, quickly and efficiently.

With the Law on the Reorientation of Social Housing Supply in Berlin”, a corresponding public-law institution for housing supply, the "Wohnraumversorgung Berlin – Anstalt öffentlichen Rechts" (WVB), was founded. The task of the WVB is to develop, evaluate and perpetuate political guidelines of the supply and housing market brief of the State-owned housing associations.

The guidelines of the government policy and the 100-day programme resolution formulate new focal areas and promote further reorientation of the State-owned housing associations’ housing policy. In January 2017, the Senate undertook to pass a cooperation agreement on “Affordable rents, new building housing and social housing supply” with Berlin’s State-owned housing association for the first 100 days of government activity in order to achieve stronger social orientation in the housing and rent policy.

The WVB produces an annual report to assess the degree to which the targets of the agreement have been met.
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